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Why Choose Reliance Contractors?

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Professionalism. Explosive Team Building. Aggressive Pursuit of Growth. 

A business with over 10+ years experience in exceeding expectations and providing the best quality services. Reliance Contractors is dedicated to the concept of providing every customer with a full range of services and the highest standards available. This constitutes applying time proven methods, supervision and a well-educated management staff. Using this approach we have been highly successful in cost reduction for many firms we service across the World.  

We constantly strive to:

  • Create value-added partnerships and the highest standards with  unparalleled results.   

  • Instilling innovative, knowledgeable and experience in order to achieve  excellence and be competitive. 

Reliance Contractors policy is to conduct all operations within the spirit and letter of all laws, regulations, and contractual terms of doing business.

Our Code of Ethics & Conduct is based on the key values of: Honesty, Integrity, Trust, Respect, Corporate Relations, Conflicts of Interests, Quality, Responsibility, and Accountability. The maintenance of these standards is the responsibility of each individual and is reliant upon their commitment to continuing Reliance Contractors legacy and culture of the highest standards of ethical business practices. Our policy requires ethical conduct in everything we do, as well as everything we write or say, and should be accomplished by every employee at all times.

Reliance Contractors expects all employees, subcontractors, and consultants to abide by the company’s strict ethical guidelines, while acting with integrity at all times. A company is only successful when it has gained the trust of its customers, and Reliance Contractors is committed to building on the trust its Founder worked hard to earn.

Ethical Values
  • Honesty – Operate straightforward and honest in our dealings with our customers, co-workers, supervisors, suppliers, and communities.

  • Integrity – Operate with the highest standards of integrity. Admit error and make corrections where appropriate. To perform our contractual duties in accordance with all local, state, and federal codes, laws, and regulations. Inform management if customer practices are not in alignment with our ethics policies.

  • Trust – Recognize our position as stewards of our customers and appreciate the fact that trust is earned and must be maintained. Place the best of our thinking, energies and abilities in supporting our customers.

  • Respect – Value the differences as well as similarities in all of our customers, co-workers, supervisors, suppliers, and communities.

  • Corporate Relations – Understand our actions will reflect the values that can be expected of Reliance Contractors as a Company. We are committed to obeying all applicable laws and regulations in the countries where we do business, and ensuring that Reliance Contractors maintains a safe workplace for employees and customers. Protect human health, prevent pollution and safeguard the natural environment (air, water, land) by meeting or exceeding all applicable environmental, health, and safety requirements.

  • Conflicts of Interest – Recognize conflicts of interest can occur anywhere during the course of a business relationship. Reliance Contractors employees must always be cautious and aware of our relationships and their effects on the Company. Be diligent and monitor our processes so that we do not place ourselves, our business associates or the Company at risk.

  • Quality – Reliance Contractors has built its reputation on quality. Quality, in the minds of the leaders, of our Company means more than just doing good work. It means doing everything to the best of your ability, and always striving to exceed the expectations of the customer.

  • Responsibility – Speak out without fear of reprisal when calling attention to any workplace violation of law, safety and/or health standards, ethical codes, and harassment. Commit to upholding the policies and values outlined in the Code of Ethics & Conduct and to utilize one of the reporting options for any suspected violations.

  • Accountability – Willing to accept the results of any decisions we make or actions we take in the course of our representation of the Company. As Reliance Contractors employees, we are accountable for making sure that we are familiar with our Company policies and procedures, including those outlined within the Code of Ethics & Conduct.

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