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Mopping the Floors


Please study and review the provided reading material below. Then, proceed to watch the videos provided. After you have watched the videos, please click on the button to proceed with the test.

1. Every 1st & 15th of the Month are the combination of days are the correct payroll dates.

2. A “Wet Floor” Sign should be placed in an area recently mopped.

3. Leave It Alone - If a toilet is clogged.

4. At All Times Nitrile/Safety Gloves should be worn.

5. Closed Toe Shoes are the proper shoes to wear during a service.

6. No One should be with you during a service.

7. Sweep, Dust, Mop is the correct order during proper cleaning.

8. Lights SHOULD be Turned On If Service Is Being Completed After-Hours.

9. Trash SHOULD be Taken Out To The Dumpster After Every Service.

10. It is NOT permissable To Eat A Snack While Simultaneously Cleaning The Facility.

11. Green Sealed Chemicals ARE Non-Toxic.

12. Report it - if you see a broken light.

14. Immediately contact ANY Reliance Contractors employee in the moment you realize you will be absent or tardy.

15. You SHOULD NOT perform services outside of what is described in the To-Do List provided.

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